My love for you Lord


Lockdown Prayers 5


Lord, my love for You
starts somewhere in my stomach.

It is the gentle urge to lift
my arms up into the air
like a child does when they want to
be picked up and held.

It is the need that moves down
my legs, to my feet and my toes,
aching to be lifted from the ground.

It is the warm glow that runs
through my veins into my heart
where it flows with urgency
up my shoulders into my neck
from which is rushes
tender and dangerously strong,
into my head.

No thinking can contain it.
So bright the sun pales beside it
quickening my body
into the awareness that
I am
as You are
and we exist.

I would fall into You –
like a raindrop falls into the sea –
to give myself to You
to be one with my love,
to be filled with You.

Yet in Your grace,
You hold me away at arm’s length

where my yearning is all I feel.

And You promise in Your love,
that when the time is right to come home,
that there is a home for me –
in You.

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