Lockdown prayers 15


Tired of talking lord, I no longer have words.
Tired of thinking Lord, I no longer care about reasons.
Tired of praying Lord, they dissolve in the wind.
Tired of listening Lord, to the hollow desolate emptiness..
Tired of sleeping, tired of waking.
Tired of dreaming, tired of the day’s stories.
Tired of the news, the patronising spin.
Tired of watching, waiting, even looking within.
Tired, Lord, so tired but it’s not about sleep –
instead, it’s about day after day after day, living with me.

If only I could leave myself behind,
take wing and fly away into your arms.
If only I could bring all that I care for, Lord and release it into your care.
If only I could just rest in your presence, simply melt into your touch.

Lord I can’t begin to tell you how much
I want to give it all to you –
including myself –
especially myself.

Do you hear me Lord?