Insidious weed

God’s Kingdom is like Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed is a worldwide problem. The plant has very deep and extensive roots. You can completely kill off a plant but deep underground it will survive and come back. It’s roots can break into waste or drainage pipes and block them. It can break through foundations, and can easily make a meal of concrete.

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A moment with God

It had taken me quite a while to decide whether or not to be baptised. Truth was I believed that once I was baptised I wouldn’t be able to have sex with David, and that wasn’t something to give up lightly. But my Nan, (my paternal grandmother), had liver cancer. It was terminal and she was devolving into a cadaver before my eyes. It would mean so much to her and so I said ‘yes’ and arranged for it to happen at the next Jehovah’s Witness convention.

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Nazi monster

He was in prison for his part in the war. Crimes against humanity. The words cannot impart the gravity of what he did. The men, women, and children that he had led to gas chambers where they would die. The word ‘Horror’ would take you a single step on that journey, and it was a long, long, terrible journey.

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