I didn’t know

He was rich.

His brother was poor.

Perhaps Charles Trentworth might have reached out to help his brother had he known where he was, or even who he was. They’d been separated when they were so very young. Charles had been two, Harry three, when their mother had died. Now he only vaguely remembered his sibling; a shock of dark hair and a mischievous smile. Not much to go on, and in those days records were poor. He could be anywhere.

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Alice on my mind.

Louise thought that God hated her. After all, she was a lesbian. More than that, she’d left her Baptist Church because she couldn’t handle the pain of living a lie. She found solace, even a measure of joy, in the arms of a very pretty dental technician called Alice. And actually, against all the odds, it was becoming serious.

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Do I exist?

Mark 12:28-31. My father called me to let me know he was sending me something special and I should keep an eye on the post. Mail from my father was rare. Actually in the ten years I’d been state side I’d never received anything. I was excited! He sent me religious literature condemning who I […]

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