About this blog

This blog is a mixture of parables, lessons, and anecdotes. The parables are invariably re-imaginings of the ones Jesus told. The lessons are one’s I’ve learned, usually the hard way. The anecdotes are from my own life and where I’ve used real names it’s because I have had permission to do so.

These are my ideas based on my life experiences. If they don’t work for you then forget them. If you find them useful, then you’re welcome.

My first posts are rooted in the Gospels. They reflect the world I live in and the way I interact with it. They may not speak to you or your world at all. But then the way the Gospels were written, almost 2,000 years ago, at first glance they didn’t speak to me either. But they do now, and I find they provide a map that enriches my landscape and helps me find my way.

Please don’t ask me what my parables mean. Interpretations are unique to the reader.

If you have questions about my teachings then feel free to ask away. However, expect more questions, not answers.

I hope you enjoy the anecdotes. Some of them were wonderful situations I’ll never forget. Some of them weren’t. That’s life.

But don’t be afraid to swim deep – there’s wonder in the depths.