John 9:39

Louise thought that God hated her. After all, she was a lesbian. More than that, she’d left her Baptist Church because she couldn’t handle the pain of living a lie. She found solace, even a measure of joy, in the arms of a very pretty dental technician called Alice. And actually, against all the odds, it was becoming serious.

The pastor thought of his lost sheep. Of course he believed that God loved her, but for reasons he couldn’t grasp, she had stepped away from that love into the shadows. He was afraid that unless she repented of the choices she had made that it would be too late, and even God’s amazing Grace wouldn’t be able to reach her. She would be lost.

Not far away Louise was sat on the patio with a glass of wine in her hand. Alice was talking about her day, her voice soft and gentle like velvet on the breeze. The sun was setting over the autumn trees, light streaming through the branches. The leaves of red and brown lit up like fire, dancing to her words. There was a gentleness, a stillness, that reached out to her, enfolded her, held her. In a moment that felt like heaven, and without thinking, she lifted her eyes and silently thanked God. She thanked God for her life, for her lover, for making her a lesbian.

And suddenly she felt God’s presence, God’s hand, God’s gentle words whispering through the trees: “You’re welcome”.

And in a moment of absolute clarity she understood. More than that, she knew. God loved her. God loved her so much that God had made her Lesbian. God loved her so much God had brought her a lover. God loved her so much that nothing could come between her and God unless she chose to let it. Her church was wrong, her pastor was wrong, they were all wrong, and on that perfect autumn evening she felt more whole and complete than she ever thought possible.

The pastor continued to pray for her. He continued to pray that God help her make the decisions that he believed she should make. He prayed that God forgive her and draw her back to the church. He prayed that she might find the right man and live a blessed life.

And then, because he’d spent all day in God’s work and had a little time before he had to go home he made sure the office door was locked, logged on to, and knocked one out.

Jesus said, “I came into this world for judgement so that those who do not see may see, and those who do see may become blind.” John 9:39

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