God of many names


Lockdown prayer 10


O great Chameleon,
whose colours forever change –
You are Jehovah, the warrior God,
who protects and fights for me.
You are El Shaddai, the great mother
who nurtures and feeds me.
You are Jesus, the risen Christ,
who is my brother.
You are Elohim, the many,
who oils the wheels of my community.
You are Adonai, the master,
the one who weaves my destiny.
You are Qanna, the jealous one,
who holds me tight and will not let me go.
You are Ratha, the one that heals,
the one that is with me when I am sick.
You are the great ‘I am’,
whose consciousness is the gift of life.

Thank you for being the One, the true God,
who binds to no religion, dogma, or belief
but is
   above all
      in all
         for all

redeemer and lover
sweet and caring
mighty and strong

Oh, that I could get to know you
the way that you know me.