About The Author

Michael Hydes

Born 1961 in Newcastle upon Tyne into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Rejected by my faith, job, home, family, and friends when I was 20 and so homeless for a time. Met God when I was 30 and joined Metropolitan Community Churches the same year.

Originally I trained as a chef and worked in restaurants of all kinds. Then trained as an electrical engineer with Philips. I was ordained in 2002 and served in Manhattan NY, Hagerstown MD, and Brighton UK, in ministry for Metropolitan Community Churches.

I enjoy variety. I studied clinical hypnotherapy and basic counselling and served for a few years as a part time hospital chaplain. I have served as a personal carer and as a funeral arranger. I’ve worked retail and in a laundry; as a double glazing salesman, (a very bad one), and as a manager for an emergency shelter; arranged and led retreats, and as a regional support worker with the CDC.

Diagnosed bi-polar I have suffered with depression all my life so I can be a pain to live with. I am married to a wonderful man, Chris. We live with two beagles and two cats. I watch too much TV, enjoy cooking (but not washing up), and have been on a diet since I was ten. It hasn’t worked yet.

I love God. We play hide and seek together. I look for God and God allows me to find. Then I wander off and God comes looking after me. I can’t believe how stunningly beautiful God is, or how amazing God’s Grace. There is never a moment I’m not in need of it.