Seeking God


  Lockdown Prayers 1:


Holy One, in seeking you I find that you are not….
In the voice that says “you have no right to be”.
In the hand that reaches into their bible and not their pocket.
In the dark that says “I am the light, be terrified of me”.
In those who would sacrifice others and not themselves.
In the dogma of intellect and not the broken heart of experience.
In those who want me to be ‘saved’ like them.

But Holy One, in seeking you I find….
Your gentle touch in sunlight streaming in through the window.
Your warm embrace in my dog’s trusting eyes.
Your sweetness in a stranger’s smile.
Your love in receiving a gift that has no price tag.
Your peace when the breeze blows new strength into my tired soul.
Your grace, when “I’m sorry” is met with “don’t worry – it’s ok”.

Help me to seek you in the wilds of my untamed life,
despite the angry voices of religious disciplinarians.
To seek you in the quiet places,
when the world is shouting all around me.
To seek you in the heart of my own life,
when other peoples’ stories seem so much more appealing.

Help me to seek you Lord,
and in seeking, find,
and in finding,
that you were
always there.

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